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Revolutionizing Oil & Gas: Expert App Development Solutions

IT Services for the Oil and Gas Sector

Gain real-time access to and invaluable insights into the inventories, logistics, monitoring, and tracking of the global oil, petroleum, and energy industries.

Key Milestones

Our cutting-edge solutions in oil and gas technology are set to usher in a digital revolution across the entire value chain and operations, yielding substantial gains in ROI.

media app and web development
media app and web development
Automated Terminals: A Network of 20 Terminals

Harness the power of technology with our automated terminals, designed for seamless remote operations.

Access in Eight Nations

We proudly manage oil and petroleum operations in multiple nations, providing a global reach.

A Team of 20+ Tech Specialists

Count on our highly skilled technical specialists, experts in the intricacies of the oil and gas industry.

100+ Automated Gas Pumps

Our automated petrol station systems offer real-time access to sales and inventory data, enhancing efficiency.

Tailored Software Solutions for the Oil and Gas Sector

Leading oil, gas, and energy businesses rely on technological solutions from MDQuality Apps, an IT services and software development company.

Trading and Risk Management

Our energy trading and risk management solutions streamline trading operations, minimize risks, and boost profit margins by harmonizing systems, procedures, and data.

Comprehensive Back Office Support

Energy traders benefit from full front-to-back office support to maximize profitability.

Risk Analysis and Management

We assist companies, oil and gas merchants, and energy suppliers in mitigating risk.

Compliance and Reporting

Combine various processes, including scheduling, billing, and payments, to simplify reporting and management-related activities.


Enhance efficiency by eliminating manual operations and automating tasks, reducing costly errors.

Contracts and Transactions

Our integrated system facilitates data communication between trade floor, operations, credit, contract, and accounting departments.

Streamlined Downstream Operations Management

Our oil and gas management software simplifies complex processes related to supply, transportation, and distribution.

Client Portal

Improve communication and efficiency with a customer-centric website offering reporting tools for internal and external users.

Efficient Deal and Contract Management

Take control of contract-related business activities with our streamlined systems.

Integrated Contract Management

We program document and contract management systems to consolidate document sources, fostering collaboration.

Transportation Administration

Real-time data access supports distribution optimization, regulatory compliance, and efficient management of client preferences.

Customized Reporting

Create tailor-made reports to manage workflow and increase revenue by analyzing and presenting critical operational data.

Terminal Automation System

Achieve full tracking, management, and control of the entire product handling process, from receipt through storage.

Monitoring and Reporting

Centralize terminal command using monitoring, reporting, and security technology to reduce risks and comply with regulations.

Customer Contract Management

Manage customer contracts effectively, including terms, segments, charges, and documents.

Orders Control

Utilize comprehensive software to manage inventory movements and workflow approvals.

Efficient Commercial Administration

Streamline order-to-cash processes, improve inventory visibility, and enhance scheduling, boosting revenue.

Supply and Distribution Management

Empower your oil and gas supply chain from exploration through distribution with our comprehensive suite of tools, including comparisons, alternatives, and management tools.

Inventory Control

Maintain control over stockpiles, raw materials, and spare parts availability.

Order Control

Automate purchase order generation, supplier delivery scheduling, and pricing configuration.

Shipping and Logistics

Enhance delivery channels for improved efficiency.

Storage Management

Optimize labor, labeling, and storage for efficiency gains.


Align production and procurement procedures with customer demand.

Return Management

Handle refunds, claims, and the management of damaged goods efficiently.

Success Stories

Explore our success stories and choose from our pool of dedicated developers with industry expertise for smart solutions in the oil and gas industry. We leverage our experience and tech stack to craft customized IT solutions for the sector. Here are some of our accomplishments!

Pioneering Comprehensive Digital Transformation

Learn how a leading provider of educational services reduced operational costs, slashed time to market by over a third, and improved budgeting effectiveness by 40%.


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